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  • 亚洲必赢手机入口
  • 亚洲必赢手机入口
  • 亚洲必赢手机入口
  • 亚洲必赢手机入口

Ladies and Gentlemen Good Morning.  
女士们,先生们 早上好

I am very honored to be here in Xi’an and have the opportunity to be present for this important occasion, and I really appreciated the Vice Governor. Of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Wu DengChang,  the vice secretary-general of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Sun Anhui, and the Chairman of Yanchang Group, Mr. Shen Hao, General Manager of Yanchang Group, Mr. Zhang Jiyao, and others executive managers from Shaanxi Province Government and Yanchang Group to join this signing ceremony and witness this historic moment.

I know the BPEC team and KBR Technology team have worked very hard for many months to develop the basis for a strong Joint-Venture between our two companies.

I want to thank both teams – Mr. LiDapeng & Mr Liu Chunquan and their BPEC team , and John Derbyshire & FengRui Wang with their team - for their big effort. I know there have been many long meetings and many day and night time phone calls between Beijing and Houston, and several long traveling trips between Houston, Beijing and Xi’an.

I also want to thank Yanchang Petroleum Group for supporting this Joint-Venture and   as the Chairman of a company that is over 100 years old I am very pleased to be associated with another company like Yanchang who is also over 100 years old! And as you know, KBR also has long term and glorious history working in China, we are the first Amercian engineering and technology company contracted with New China since 1949, and our first contract with China is to provide a big package deal including 8 sets of ammonia technology licences and engineering design package in 1972, and this contract had been reviewed by the two great Chinese leaders—Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou at that time.

As many of you know the basis for the Joint-Venture is a technology called VCC which is a slurry Hydrocracking technology capable of converting heavy oil residues and coal into diesel fuel in a very efficient process.

With the price of oil around $100 per barrel this technology plays a critical role in not only increasing yield of higher value products but also reducing output of heavier and environmentally unfriendly fuels. In addition the process can handle coal/oil mixtures which make it particularly attractive for YCPC here in the Shaanxi province.  And we all know Yanchang Group is the only China stated owned Oil & Gas company which also owned rich coal reserve, so this VCC Joint-Venture could be an accelerated engine to promote Yanchang’s Coal, Oil & Gas integrated strength in China.

KBR is a company dedicated to the licensing of technologies world-wide and has been doing so for many years in areas such as Fertilizer, Coal Gasification, Ethylene, Propylene, Refining, Chemicals and many others. In providing these technologies KBR has and will remain focused on differentiating itself by its commitment to research and development and continually enhancing our process technologies.

On a personal note this is my first visit to Xi’an although I am well aware of the Shaanxi province rich cultural history. And I heard Xi’an used be capital city of China for the past 13 dynasties, Unfortunately on this visit I do not have time to see very much of the city nor the surrounding historical sites but I do hope to return soon and have more time to explore and understand this great city. 

In closing, I would like to again I am very honored to be here for this important event and on behalf of KBR say I very much look forward to a successful Joint-Venture and a continuing win-win cooperation and a long term relationship with Yanchang Petroleum in the near future. Thank you!

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