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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd announced last Wednesday it will establish a dedicated chip subsidiary that aims to create customized artificial intelligence chips and embedded processors to further support the tech giants sprawling cloud and internet of things businesses.阿里巴巴集团公司有限责任公司有限责任公司上周三宣布,将宣布创立一家专业的芯片分公司,目地产品研发自定的人工智能技术芯片和内嵌式CPU,以更进一步抵制这个互联网巨头丰厚的云计算和物联网技术业务流程。The company plans to launch its first indigenous AI interference chip -- AliNPU -- in the second half of 2019, Chief Technology Officer Zhang Jianfeng said at Alibabas annual cloud computing conference in Hangzhou.在杭州市举行的阿里巴巴本年度云计算大会上,阿里巴巴技术总监张建锋答复,该企业方案在今年第三季度发售第一款自我约束产品研发的人工智能技术阻拦芯片“AliNPU”。Zhang said the firm has embarked on developing its own quantum processors, and is looking to roll out a genuine quantum chip in two to three years.张建锋称作,该企业早就刚开始产品研发了自身的量子CPU,并期待在两到三年内发售的确的量子芯片。We are confident that our advantages in algorithm, data intelligence, computing power and domain knowledge on the back of Alibabas diverse ecosystem will put us in a unique position to lead real technology breakthroughs in disruptive areas, such as quantum and chip technology, he said at the conference.他在大会上说:“大家确信,我们在优化算法、数据信息智能化、数学计算和行业科技知识层面的优点,将使大家正处在一个特有的方向,正确引导量子和芯片技术性等颠覆性创新行业的的确技术性提升。




”The newly-formed entity is the merger of the chip team from DAMO Academy, Alibabas in-house technology and science research arm, and microchip maker C-SKY Microsystems Co Ltd, which it acquired in April.这一新的宣布创立的分公司,是由阿里巴巴內部高新科技科学研究组织阿里巴巴达摩院的芯片精英团队,与4月份企业并购的微芯片生产商杭州市中天微系统软件有限责任公司分拆而出的。The new company, which is likely to boast 200 to 300 researchers, aims to operate independently in the long run and becomes self-sufficient following initial financial input from Alibaba.这个新的企业很有可能会具有200至300名科学研究工作人员,其总体目标是长时间独立国家经营,并在阿里巴巴最开始推广资产后搭建自力更生。