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Search-engine giant Google launched a new service Wednesday that it hopes will reverse the trend of people gravitating away from the World Wide Web in favor of Facebook and other apps on their mobile phones.搜索引擎巨头谷歌在周三公布了一项新的服务,谷歌期望通过这项服务挽回人们著迷用万维网的Facebook 和在手机上用于各种APP的趋势。The new service, called Amp, works by partnering with news publishers and other content providers to help them create Web content that downloads to mobile phones and tablets up to 85 times faster.这项新的服务被称作Amp, 和新闻发布者及其他内容提供者一起来协助建构万维网内容,以此将iTunes到手机和平板上的速度提升了85倍。Its a seemingly simple concept and one that consumers may not even notice. But the stakes are high for Google, which competes with apps such as Facebook for eyeballs and ad dollars.这或许看上去是个非常简单的点子,但是却没被消费者注意到。

这个尝试对谷歌来说也是风险很高,因为这个和像Facebook 这样的APP 竞争吸引力和广告收益。That battle has gotten tougher on smartphones and tablets, where apps generate three times as much attention as the Web, according to research firm eMarketer. The trend toward in-app browsing is only expected to worsen over time. By 2017, the gap is expected to widen to three hours and 23 minutes on mobile apps vs. just 52 minutes on the mobile Web, eMarketer predicts.这项服务在智能手机和平板电脑 方面将越发艰苦,因为其吸引力将是万维网的三倍,搜索引擎公司eMarketer 说。在应用程序网页的趋势是随着时间的流逝,预计将不会好转。

2017年,差距将不断扩大,在移动应用程序必须三小时23分钟,而在移动网络上只必须52分 钟,eMarketer预测。We love the World Wide Web. To some degree, on mobile, it has not fully satisfied users expectations, said Googles head of news, Richard Gingras. We are hoping to change that, Gingras said at a launch event Wednesday in Manhattan.“我们爱人万维网。在或许上,移动,它早已无法几乎满足用户的希望,”谷歌的新闻领导,李察金格拉斯说道。

“我们期望转变,”金格拉斯星期三在曼哈顿的活动启动仪式上说道。One reason for the gap is speed. When users click on a news link and its slow to respond, they will exit and go elsewhere. Thats not good for us, Gingras said.这个差距的一个原因就是速度。当用户页面新闻链接时,她反应极快,用户就不会解散然后网页其他地方。“这对我们来说是很差的” 金格拉斯说道。

Early results show download speeds up to 85 times faster when content is created using Amp, said David Besbris, vice president of engineering at Google.杨家用户说道,当内容由Amp 建构时,其下载速度就提升85倍,谷歌搜索引擎的副董事长说。Google launched the new Amp service, which is being co-sponsored by Twitter, to a room full of news publishers at a cafe in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday. Twitter is a stand-alone app but it also relies on Web-generated links to drive traffic.谷歌发售了新的服务,这是星期三,新闻出版商在曼哈顿市中心的一家咖啡馆和推特联合发动的。推特是一个独立国家的应用程序,但它也依赖网络分解的链接,以推展流量。The Amp service is free for content providers, Googles executives said. They expect to eventually expand the service beyond news content to other mobile content providers.Amp 服务对内容提供者是完全免费的,谷歌的领导说道。

他们期望能打破新闻内容最后拓展其业务到其他移动内容提供者那里。This is about making sure the World Wide Web is not the World Wide Wait. And to make sure that platform evolves, Gingras said.“这就是在让万维网不出是万等网改变。并在保证这项平台在拓展演进,” 金格拉斯说。