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The worlds oceans are full of beauty, but theyre also full of pollution. Industrial, agricultural and residential waste all make their way into the oceans, not to mention oil spills and waste from deep-sea mining sites.我们赞叹海洋的美丽,也感慨海洋污染,各种工业、农业和生活废物流向海洋,还有泄漏的原油和各种深海矿采行废弃物。The Sponge Suit bikini, designed by UC Riverside electrical engineering professor Mihri Ozkan, is designed to absorb pollutants from the ocean as its wearer swims around in the sea. It just won first prize in the Reshape15: Wearable Technology Competition.海绵比基尼,一款旨于吸取海洋污染物的泳衣,由加州大学河滨分校电子工程学教授Mihri设计,穿着者只要在海里泛舟一游泳、划一划手就能清扫污染物。

该设计取得了2015年重塑可穿着技术竞赛一等奖。In practical terms, the suit wouldnt make much of an impact. However, it does demonstrate the effectiveness of a material designed by Ozkan and her husband, fellow electrical engineering professor Cengiz Ozkan, along with Ph.D. students Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay.从简单看作,该泳衣会有多大影响。

然而,该泳衣却证明了研发者研发的这种材料的功用和有效性。The material, on which development began four years ago, is called Sponge. It is designed for cleaning up oil and chemical spills and desalinating water. It is a water-repelling and highly porous carbon material that is light and flexible. It absorbs everything except water, and can absorb up to 25 times its own weight, depending on the density of the material absorbed.这种海绵体的材料的研发工作始自4年前。



The idea of adapting the material into a wearable came from architecture and design firm Eray Carbajo, based in New York and Istanbul. The Eray Carbajo team, Pinar Guvenc, Inanc Eray and Gonzalo Carbajo, worked with Ozkan at her laboratory to design the swimsuit.将这种材料应用于到可穿着设备的理念是由建筑设计公司 Eray Carbajo明确提出的,该公司总部设于纽约和伊斯坦布尔。这一团队的成员和Ozkan在她的实验室已完成了这款泳衣的设计。The form of the Sponge Suit is inspired by the super-porous, mesh-like structure of the Sponge material. The final form of the 3D print shell was obtained through the various iterations of the same undulating form, the team wrote. The filler amount and the allocation were identified by creating several design alternatives, considering the form and the ergonomics of the human body, while pushing the limits in translucent swimwear design.海绵泳衣的形式是不受海绵材料多孔、网状结构的灵感而产生的。